I’m publishing my first game asset ever! I’m doing this to improve my modelling and animation skills, tie goals to this hobby, assess the viability of a game dev business, and meet others with similar interests. I’ve realized that I particularly enjoy prototyping games and visuals – not so much the long, arduous process of taking a game from concept to production. As a result, I have many prototype assets and games that I’m happy to share with others who are more interested in doing that.

This first one is a low-poly car based on the GMC Astrovan, done in a retro N64/PS1 style, with pixelated textures. In addition to the model, I’ve added animations for opening the passenger doors, the trunk, and the sun roof. I initially built this van for a racing game prototype, where players would team up: one driving the van, and the other shooting enemies from the side, back, or top of the van.

Have fun, and please let me know if you do end up using it in your game or animation! 😀