Nick Chavez

Student at Harvard University

Envision, Engineer, Execute

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I'm an excited student looking to work on meaningful products after graduating from college this Spring! I am passionate about working on and delivering new and thrilling experiences to users. Team leadership is one of my strongest skills, which I’ve used and developed both at work and at school. I’ve led projects on product design for class, and at work I’ve made technical specifications and worked with stakeholders to produce a demo and presentation. Other workplace tools I have embraced during my experience includes scrum development, test-oriented development, and strong communication skills.

Check out some of what I’ve worked on below – the projects I’ve designed and built that are public are visible with more details. Hope to chat soon!

Recent Projects

Jukeboxx V2

A revamped version of the Jukeboxx iOS app (see the original project a ways below)! It comes with an OS X companion app that seamlessly links your iTunes music to Dropbox. With Jukeboxx V2, you can stream and download your music on demand, without blowing through your iPod/iPhone/iPad's storage. Now Jukeboxx supports offline listening and gathers your whole collection properly, including playlists, albums and artists from iTunes. The app also richly displays album art from iTunes and artist artwork from Groove Music.

Jukeboxx V2 is almost ready for primetime, as I am working on it a little bit less due to school taking up most of my time. Again, my inspiration was my own frustration of wanting to listen to all of my music despite it not fitting on my phone but still wanting local files for car drives or commutes. Stay tuned!

Microsoft Account for Android

The Microsoft Account app for Android manages a user's authentication and supports use with multi factor authentication methods. I worked on this app during my internsip at Microsoft, in the summer of 2015 in Seattle.

My team of 3 interns worked on the Remote Connect feature, which lets users sign into smart devices with poor or no input using the Account app. A user would kick off an authentication process on their smart device (say a TV, or smart coffee machine) and complete the process in app by scanning a QR code displayed by the smart device.

Many IoT devices will not have a keyboard for users to use to enter their credentials, and even devices today like the Xbox, Smart TVs and Hololens don't have an efficient way to enter text input. Therefore, if the device can display a user code embedded in a QR code, NFC tag or a multitude of other channels, a trusted device (in this case an Android phone) can complete the authentication for the smart device.


I worked on the Animoto Android App and the Animoto iOS App over the summer of 2014 (3.5 months) as a software intern in New York City.

For the Android App, I added the music upload feature, increasing user revenue conversion by 20%. I worked closely with Project Managers and testers to track timing of product delivery and to deploy the feature robustly. I also upgraded the Android app build system (to Gradle), allowing CI (Continuous Integration) and nightly testing to be possible. I also researched (then) new iOS 8 technologies, speeding product development by presenting and pitching to the team and improving our relationship with Apple.

An excerpt from a technology concept pitch I gave regarding audio on Android:


Stream your own music from your linked Dropbox account on your iOS device. Jukeboxx is live on the App Store here. Jukeboxx was developed in my spare time during the summer of 2014, and required the development of my own Dropbox iOS REST client, which is available on GitHub since the default Dropbox API did not provide support for obtaining and using media stream URLs. Next steps involve including an "Offline Mode", multiple accounts, and music file analysis to build a true music library!

My inspiration was my own frustration of wanting to listen to music I had just downloaded into my Dropbox, where I keep all my music, but that I hadn't imported onto my phone via iTunes yet. Additionally, it made it easier to show my music to people on other people's phones.