A self-hosted web player for your own music library! Sync your music to cloud storage and stream it from any browser.

Live Demo ↗

Username: friend@demo.com

Password: password

All songs in the demo are actually just Siesta from the Free Music Archive.

Jukeboxx Web V3

A revamped version of Jukeboxx Web V1 that uses Backblaze – a robust and low-cost cloud storage provider – for hosting a streamable copy of your music collection. Jukeboxx fits your use case if:

  • You own a library of music files
  • You want to stream your library from anywhere

I built this system because, while Spotify is great for discovery, I have music (e.g. remixes, exclusives) not available on streaming services, and because I personally enjoy organizing and owning my music collection. The downside is that it’s a) labor intensive to stay organized and b) not available beyond my laptop. To solve a) I discovered Beets, a music library manager that autotags your music by cross-referencing MusicBrainz. For b), I landed on Backblaze for file hosting, since it’s fast, reliable, and the cheapest (practically free1), and Jukeboxx for playback. My set up is as follows:

Legend: ✊ denotes a manual process, 🤖 for automated

  1. ✊ Buy high fidelity music (FLAC ripped from CD or online from 7Digital)
  2. ✊ Save it onto my external hard drive
  3. 🤖 Import it into my Beets library
  4. 🤖 Transcode the tracks into a streamable format
  5. 🤖 Download album and artist artwork from MusicBrainz and Spotify
  6. 🤖 Sync the streamified tracks, artwork, and library info to Backblaze
  7. ✊ Play the music in Jukeboxx in any browser!

If you want to give it a spin, try the demo! I’ll be publicly releasing Jukeboxx Web V3 and its related automation tools soon, after a bit more polish, so that others can self-serve their music. Stay tuned!

  1. If you played music non-stop, every minute of every day, it would come out to ~$3 USD a year 🙀 ↩︎